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My name is Katrina, but you can call me Kat.


I was born in Alice Springs, grew up in Adelaide, called Melbourne home for nearly 10 years and now live in sunny Queensland!


I am a Graphic Designer, specialising in branding and packaging which I love! I feel very lucky to have been in this industry for over ten years. During this time I have worked across a crazy (like super crazy) variety of different industries as well as a diverse range of brands and products.


In 2018 however, I decided that I was going to officially launch Two Crows Creative and get back to what I really love doing – working directly with clients to make their creative visions come to life.


Unsure what graphic design even is? Trust me you are not alone. Graphic design is essentially visual communication and problem-solving using various graphic elements and tools. Graphic design is about effective, clear communication, not just using pretty pictures, colours and fonts.


Design is all around us, it’s everywhere – good and bad. From your favourite coffee cup to a concert tour poster, great graphic design merges creativity with strategy and aesthetics with logic – in order for a design to be successful it needs to make sense.

Art with a purpose.


What’s with the name Two Crows Creative you ask? Well, the crow is a symbol of change and that something new and exciting is about to happen. Most people think crows are a scary omen but seeing two crows is actually good luckCrows not only signify change but it’s call is also meant to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of, enabling you to discover your true identity, which I think is exactly what great design should do. 










Creatively problem solve
It’s my job to design you the most engaging, authentic
and effective concept possible.

Get to know you
I will take the time to understand your business
or project to ensure we get the result you not only
want but also the design you need.

Build you a brand
A successful brand is so much more than a logo and
a cool colour palette. I will provide you with an entire
brand story that will ensure your business will have
it’s own unique identity.


Replicate something you found on the web
Absolutely do some research and explore different
styles you like – but I am not a photocopier.

Jump the gun too early
Before any design work can start we need to make
sure we are on the same page and have a
clear direction to ensure we get the best result.

Provide a ridiculous amount of concepts
Once we discuss the details of your brief I will
have a good idea of what is required with your design.
I will then provide you with what I believe is the necessary
amount of concepts we can then explore further.