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Our Impact 2022 Report

100-page report
Printed document
Online accessible PDF
Social media
Digital collateral

It was an amazing experience partnering with Australian Unity to design their Our Impact 2022 report. Being such an extensive and innovative document, we feel very proud to have played a part in its launch and the extremely positive feedback it has received.

Guided by Australian Unity’s vision to become Australia’s most trusted well-being company, Australian Unity is committed to measuring the impact of their products, services and operations through environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

The Our Impact 2022 report, documents Australian Unity’s impact on the community and the environment, focusing on social impact.

It was a considerable yet gratifying project. At 100 pages with social media and digital assets to support and promote the outcomes across key social media channels.

2022 Impact Report Cover
2022 Impact Report Spread
2022 Impact Report Spread
2022 Impact Report Spread
2022 Impact Report Spread
2022 Impact Report Spread
2022 Impact Report Spread

“Two Crows Creative have been amazing visionaries in supporting Australian Unity’s second impact report coming to life. Kat has been a total pleasure to work with — highly responsive, engaged and strategically-minded. Highly recommended. Thank you SO SO much for making this such a progressive document! Everyone is gushing over it!”

Angela Leung  | 

“An incredible job, thank you for bringing our work to life in such an incredible way! We’re so happy with the finished product!”

Siobhan Henderson  | 

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