Digital nomad in the creative industry? Join our awesome free Facebook community.

Being a sole biz owner or freelancer on the road can sometimes be lonely and stressful — so our hope with this group is we can share our experiences, give friendly advice, keep our creative juices flowing and potentially collaborate with fellow creatives in the group if the opportunity arises.

How will this group differ from other Digital Nomad Groups?

  • A focus on the creative industry
  • Strict No Jerk Policy. Act like a snarky, rude, or unhelpful asshole and you’ll be promptly escorted out the door (metaphorically speaking)
  • Free resources, tips and masterclasses
  • Sharing job opportunities or project collaborations
  • A judge-free zone to hang out, vent, and share the awesomeness of being a digital nomad

We look forward to connecting with you!

Digital nomad working on laptop
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