All-natural, high-quality soy candles handmade for music fans by music fans!

Music and scent are so effective at transporting us back to a specific moment in time. Hi-Fi Candle Studio’s mission is to create a warm and happy nostalgia for their customers, so they feel proud to be a fan of the music they love.

With this in mind, we set about creating not only beautiful candles that you would happily display around your home, but that music needed to be a dominant part of the DNA of this brand.

We created an elegant yet strong logo, developed a completely unique record-inspired candle label shape, and used high-quality print finishes to create this fun yet sophisticated brand.

Colour selection was also very important. With the store predominantly selling online, unique and unexpected colour combinations needed to be carefully designed to allow customers to envision the scent of the candle.

With candles and wax melts cleverly named and branded, music and candle lovers have embraced this small business.

Hi-Fi Candle Studio Logo
Hi-Fi Round Card 1
Hi-Fi Round Card 2
Hi-Fi Round Stickers
Hi-Fi Candle Single
3 Hi-Fi Candles on marble bench
Wax Melt Stickers
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