Signs It’s Time To Rebrand & The Benefits Of Branding

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Handy Info

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There are many reasons why it might be time to consider a rebrand or even a brand refresh. Perhaps you are still trying to rock the DIY job you whipped together when you first started your biz and didn’t have the money to invest. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your original branding and realised it’s not connecting with your target audience. Whatever the reason, brand shame is the WORST! Trust me, even as a designer I too had brand shame up until recently. I spent all my time working on other people’s brands instead of investing in my own — but lesson learnt and I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

So, how do you decide if the time is right? Below are my top 5 reasons why you may want to consider a rebrand to give you the brand confidence you deserve!

1 . Your brand is inconsistent and doesn’t have a clear message

Have you ever stopped to think about your business’s message, goals and values? Establishing this will ensure everything you create including your branding and collateral will remain consistent and connect with your target audience. Inconsistency confuses your audience, and they’ll forget why they fell in love with your business in the first place.

Maybe over the years, you’ve consciously (or subconsciously) moved on from your branding so now you are left with a dog’s breakfast of different ideas and looks. Refocussing will make your branding strong again and reignite that spark.  

2. Your branding looks outdated or unprofessional

I totally get it, starting a business is bloody expensive and often branding gets put at the bottom of the wish list. But we’ve all heard the saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and it couldn’t be truer. Sadly, even if you have the best, coolest most kick-arse product on the market if your branding looks dated or unprofessional you will not establish trust with your customers. Why would someone invest their money purchasing your product if you’re not willing to invest in your own business? DIY can cut it while you’re starting out but if you want a successful long-lasting business you are going to need to invest in professional branding eventually.

3. Your audience isn’t connecting

Building a connection with your audience is essential to your business’s success. Your branding is a way to tell your story, so customers emotionally connect and invest in you and your business. If this isn’t happening, or perhaps your target market or demographic has changed over the years, relooking at your branding will allow you to build a brand that appeals to your audience or the target market you want to have.

4. Your branding doesn’t stand out

Drowning in a sea of same-same? Or maybe you jumped onto a fad and then everyone else did too! Not being distinctive or unique in your industry can cause your business to be unmemorable and forgettable. In order to remain competitive in your market space physically and digitally, it’s super important to stand out from the crowd. We’ve all been there, scanning the shelves and shelves of wine looking for the perfect bottle. There is a reason why we choose a certain one to take home. Price might be one, but there are lots of wines that have the same price point so branding plays an imperative role. You’re not boring so you’re branding shouldn’t be either.

5. Brand shame….

Are you shouting about your business from the rooftops and throwing your business cards around like confetti? No? Then you my friend might be suffering from brand shame. Brand shame sucks and can leave you feeling disheartened and embarrassed. Ditch the cringe — you work hard in your business, so you deserve to feel super proud of it.  


  1. Customer Recognition
  2. Customer Loyalty + Connection
  3. A Consistent + Memorable Presence
  4. Increased Credibility
  5. Attract Attention
  6. Evoke Confidence

If you are considering a rebrand or if you would like to chat about branding, what’s involved, or my process you are welcome to ask me any questions via email or book a free discovery call by clicking the button below. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Until next time!

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